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An American Review of Dr. Who

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An American Review of Dr. Who Empty An American Review of Dr. Who

Post by Gravehunterzero Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:06 am

I have just watched a few episodes of David Tennet's Doctor Who at the behest of Insomniac and he said after a few episodes I would 'get into the groove of it' so I being a smart American took that as 'I can judge it around episode 5' because me skipping Season 1 because A) That Doctor looked like a pedophilic soccer hooligan and B) Insomniac said I wouldn't be missing much. So here I am reviewering. First thing I notice besides how fucking hard it is to find a decent rip of it is that the audio is so damn low, I don't blame Doctor Who but I do blame the BBC. This has made me download subtitles for every episode, which would be annoying but Media Player Classic makes it easy for lazy Americans. So anyway the first thing I was taken aback by was the deus ex machina pen thingy that the Doctor has.
An American Review of Dr. Who Sonic_screwdriver
Okay he is from the future and he has future tech I get that, but my real problem is that it's missing something. So I came to fix that with a simple solution, have a Mr. T voice over for every time he uses it. Like as a laser beam? Mr. T goes ' Laser Motherfucker!' or when he lockpicks 'Lockpick motherfucker!' and change it from pen thingy to 'The Multifool'. Next up is the humor the humor in it is subitle so I had to turn on my computers 'Funny-finder 5000' to truly 'get' the jokes. After taking notes and looking into wikipedia I now know when to laugh. Also TARDIS, I like it, it is powered by a lava lamp. Finally to charactors, I really like David tennet he seems manerable and somewhat insane. The only charactor I hate is the blonde chick Rose. I know there is more to the show but I don't care.
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An American Review of Dr. Who Empty Re: An American Review of Dr. Who

Post by insomniac Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:05 pm

The pen-thingy is called a sonic screwdriver, and while I can't disagree how unbelievably AWESOME calling it the Multifoolis and having Mr. T yelling LOCKPICK MOTHERFUCKER is, I still think that raw science fiction noise it emits is awesome as hell.

Good review I loled.

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An American Review of Dr. Who Marijuanasig2
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